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Michael McDonald is a real estate investor and entrepreneur from small town Nebraska now living in Las Vegas, NV.

 Michael is married and a proud father to 2 amazing kids!

Over the last two and a half years he has done over 200 deals and generated $2.5 +Million from Virtually wholesaling and flipping property.

His company Rocket Homebuyers based out of Nebraska specializes in virtually wholesaling houses as well as fix/flips and holding multi-family rentals.

He is part owner of 26+ units in Nebraska and has expanded his operation to Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Colorado, and Las Vegas.

Over the last 4 years his team has successfully assigned/flipped properties in 15+ states nationwide.

Michael has seen many other real estate wholesalers start and give up before reaching the success he knows is possible for them.

He has made it his responsibility to stop those struggling and teach them what works to help other entrepreneurs see the same success that he has had.


I was in your shoes..

and probably far worse... I was 30k in debt, had a kid on the way, miserable at my 9-5 job, living without purpose, going through the motions.. Simply put, I was lost.

I wanted more time, more freedom, more money.

Because I was so lost and confused with all the noise about wholesaling, I questioned throwing in the towel, giving up on my vision, and falling back into my comfortable, but miserable 9-5..

Even though I doubted myself at times and wondered if I could even do it, I didn't give up on myself.. In fact, from that point on where I was about to throw in the towel, I pushed through.. I challenged myself more and continued to turn up the knob..

I put all of my time and energy into mastering wholesaling, what worked, what didn't, who failed, and why did they?And now looking back, I realize every long night, every mistake that turned into a lesson, and every challenge I went through, was 100% worth it.

I have now grown a multiple 7 figure business that fully functions without me.. and I now have the time and freedom to travel and spend time with friends and family when I want, wherever I want.

But it didn't come from luck. It took hard work, it took struggles, it took many mistakes, it took long nights, learning what works and what doesn't, it took self mastery, and a lot of discipline.

And it is now MY MISSION, PURPOSE and RESPONSIBILITY to help wholesalers & entrepreneurs acquire the same success in their think BIG and build an opportunity and future for themselves, their families, and those around them.

I'm not just some "guru" or someone that wants to waste your time beating around the bush. I teach the exact systems and processes that are needed in your wholesaling business to scale to 7 figures without all the BS and without all the confusion.

Because I believe that in simplicity lies ease of focus, and when you can focus and have clarity on what to do.. you can take massive action.

Now, this part might upset some of you..

But, even with all the professional guidance and framework in the world, your success comes down to you, your discipline, and your action.

If you have that, I can teach you the rest.

Your dedicated coach,

Michael McDonald


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