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  • The Perfect Sales Call Training

  • Scripts my Wholesaling Business uses to do hundreds of deals and 7+ Figures a Year

  • Deal Breakdown Calculator

  • How to Find the Sellers Price

  • Negotiating & how to get the deal YOU want


Hey, I'm glad you're here. It means you're part of the top 10% that actually takes action.

Now, I'm guessing you're here because you're either serious about scaling your wholesaling business and you're tired of trying to figure it out on your own, or you understand the potential of Real Estate Investing and you're not one to let an opportunity slip by.

I'm Michael McDonald, and over the last 5 years, I have built my wholesaling business from ZERO.. to now doing hundreds of deals and multiple 7 figures each year.

I started from nothing.. with all the noise in the industry it was hard for me to gain clarity on what worked and what didn't. It got to the point where I was ready to throw in the towel.

Maybe you've reached that point too..

Now that I have done the work, developed the right systems and strategies, the one thing I realize looking back.. was that I was making it more complicated than it needed to be.

I'm not just some "guru" that preaches some crazy strategy either.. I've done the work and I've seen the success in my own business and the dozens of clients I've helped. (You can see some of their results below)

And because I know that what I teach works, I continue to make it my mission to help other wholesalers and entrepreneurs implement the correct systems and processes so they can see massive success, the same way my clients and I have.

For a limited time, I want to give Acquisitions Accelerator away for free.

Sure, you can call me a nice guy for giving this amount of value away for free,

but I understand that there is an abundance of opportunity in this industry and I know I have the knowledge and resources that can help you create your own success, and I know we both deserve it, too.

Your dedicated coach,

Michael McDonald


Here's a handful of wins from clients that follow my proven system & strategies

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